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Boy who was shot in the head gets a warm homecoming after recovery

Some joy after a tragic shooting that killed his mother

Dad threw her toy and drove away. Wait until he looks in the rear view mirror.

Looked like a happy family until then. Something to think about.

Man pranks girlfriend by pretending to blow up 3 year old son!

He's lucky she didn't leave him over that!

Video shows how one moment can change everything

This will make you think twice about looking down at your phone

11 year old rapper wins brother of the year

Watch what he did for his little sister with down syndrome!

Action Movie Kid is back! So much fun to watch!

Watch this little guy do some amazing stuff!

Digital artist recreates drawings he did as a kid

He really captures the feel of the originals

The video every parent, and pet owner, needs to watch

Just take a few minutes to watch and share