Watch the Titanic crash and sink in real time

Not as quick and action filled as the movie. Very sad actually.

Adapter lets you control any AA battery powered device with your iPhone

Turn your kids' toys on and off from your phone!

Best rubber band gun ever made, hands down

The ones I had made nothing in comparison

The DeLorean is back. For real. Here's the first ad.

The iconic car is coming back with a limited run

17 year old makes life size, working BB-8 from a beach ball

He'll make you want to give up your own DIY projects

6 HUGE changes in the past 100 years

Some things compared, 1915 vs. 2015

Man creates real life Thor hammer that only he can pick up

then takes it to Venice Beach to embarrass some people

What happens when you throw a basketball off a 415 ft tall dam?

You will probably be very surprised where it lands!