Boy who was shot in the head gets a warm homecoming after recovery


Candace Pickens, 23, was murdered at a park in Asheville, North Carolina on May 12, 2016 by her allegedly abusive boyfriend because she refused to get an abortion. With her was her beautiful 3 year old son Zachaeus Waters, who was also victim to the shooter. Little Z, as the family calls him, was shot in the face, but miraculously did not die. The story made international headlines.

After weeks of rehab following his surgeries, Z was released and was welcomed with a big homecoming party featuring all of his favorite cartoon characters. 

Sometimes, light can come from darkness, and joy can come from sadness. The family still has a long way to go, but they can see Candace in little Z for years to come.

The family is having a local fundraiser, but you can help from any Wells Fargo branch by asking to donate to the Zacchaeus Waters account. More Info here.