9 reasons why dogs are better than cats


As promised, as a response to the top nine reasons cats are better than dogs, here are the top nine reasons why dogs are better than cats:

1. Loyalty

Dogs are always there for you. They will love you until the very end. Cats? Not so much.

Dogs always have your back, always see you off when you leave, and...


2. Always excited to see you

Dogs cannot WAIT until you get home, even if you just walked out to get the mail. Your dog will be right there wagging its tail ready for you to love it. Cats, on the other hand, party when you leave them and get mad when you return.


3. Cuddle time!

Dogs love to cuddle, anywhere, any time. Cats will cuddle, if you're lucky, but usually at the one time during the day when you don't want them to, like when you're working.


4. Unending love

Dogs never get an attitude. Even if you scold them, they are right there ready to love on you five minutes later. Cats are the definition of attitude!


5. Exercise partner

Dogs love to walk or run with their family. Usually, you'll get tired long before they ever will. Try taking a cat out for a jog!


6. Cleaning up

A cat takes ten minutes to eat a handful of food. A dog can scarf up a whole bag of food in ten minutes if you let them. This comes in handy if you spill food on the floor. A dog will come in and the floor will be spotless in seconds. Not only that, but a dog can be taught to pick up its own toys!

Spill something around a cat and they will sit in it or play with it. They definitely will NOT clean it up! And forget about them ever picking up after themselves!


7. Security

Your home if your dog's safe place, so they will let you know if someone's around, sometimes to the point of annoyance. But it's good to have that. Have a big enough dog and they can actually fend off an attacker.

If someone breaks into your home, most likely a cat will run and hide under the bed!


8. Assistance for those in need

Seeing eye dogs for the blind, dogs to help calm those with anxiety, dogs to find a person lost in the woods and dogs to help smell drugs or explosives. There are so many ways dogs are trained to help us humans.

Can you imagine a cat doing even a fraction of that? A cat would be saying, "No thanks, you can do all that yourself. I'm going to go sleep on the clean clothes."


9. Extremely touchable

A dog doesn't care where you are touching it, as long as you're petting it somewhere. A cat has a few ok spots if they're in the mood, otherwise touching can result in bloody forearms!