Fire under this town has been burning for over 50 years


A fire started in a coal mine in 1962 in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Due to the amount of coal in the ground, this fire has spread and continued to burn for the past 52 years! 

Officials tried for decades to extinguish the fire, but nothing worked, so the state paid for all residents and businesses to move elsewhere. Now the town is an eerie ghost town, with collapsed roads and smoldering landscapes. 

SciShow explains how the fire started and why it continues to burn


Youtuber TikiTrex explores the abandoned town


Here are some incredible photos taken from within the town. Roads are collapsing and coming apart as deadly gases and heat rise from underneath.

Image via Flickr/ProperPictures


The landscape is charred and dying.

Image via Flickr/ProperPictures


What used to be busy highways are now scenes out of some apocalyptic movie.

Image via Flickr/ProperPictures


Despite the warnings of toxic gases and unstable ground, people continue to explore the town. Maybe they should listen to the signs.

Image via Flickr/ProperPictures