9 reasons why cats are better than dogs


There are many topics that are controversial, but this is quite possibly at the top of people's lists. We're sure to get some flack for this post, but don't worry, dog lovers. We posted a rebuttal/followup on why dogs are better!

So here they are, nine reasons why cats are better than dogs:

1. Compact Design

Cats will fit anywhere. Seriously. They don't take up a lot of space, and in fact, they prefer very small spaces, like boxes. The smaller the box, the more they'll try to fit into it. Dogs somehow take up a whole bed even when they're a small breed.


2. Self cleaning

Cats don't need baths, they just lick themselves clean. They'll even clean themselves while they clean the floors! Dogs smell bad after a week or two and require a bath.


3. Simple waste disposal

Cats don't need to be let out multiple times per day. In fact, cats NEVER need to go outside since they use a litter box. This comes in handy when you want to travel for a day or two. Make sure they've got food, water and a clean litter box and they're good. In fact, they'll be glad they you've finally left them to enjoy their house, their bed, their couch and their chairs without pestering them. Dogs? They need to be let outside multiple times per day, so forget making any spontaneous trips away for the day.

Some cats can even be trained to use the toilet, so no litter needed either! 


4. Massage package comes standard

Cats are born with massage training built in. They don't need to be taught this art, it's pure instinct! What does a dog ever do to help you relax your muscles?


5. Fear not included

Cats are not afraid. They fear nothing. What's that, you say? What about when they hide from houseguests under the couch? Well, actually, they aren't afraid, they just don't want to make you look like a wimp in front of your friends. Dogs tremble at the sound of a little storm!


6. Virtually silent running motor

Cats make very little noise, and the sound they do make is adorable and relaxing. There is nothing adorable or relaxing about a dog barking its head off because it saw a leaf blow around outside.


7. Removes unwanted pests

If you are tired of dealing with pests, most cats can take care of the problem. The rest can pretend and give you plenty of entertainment. Dogs are completely useless in this regard.


8. Easy to synchronize

Cats will follow anything that moves. Hands, feathers, laser pointers, sticks, you name it and they will track it. Just wave a piece of fuzz back and forth in the air and you've got a choreographed dance routine. The only way to get a dog to look at something is if you are holding a treat. Trying to get multiple dogs to look the same way? Forget about it.


9. Fuel efficient

Cats eat all the time, but they eat so little that you spend MUCH less than a similarly sized canine.