2012 iMac - 27 inch model


It's finally here. The mockups I came up with a few months ago didn't pan out (maybe next refresh), but the new 27" iMac from Apple is a beautiful piece of machinery.

I've gotten the iMac unboxed and set up, and wanted to share some pics I took during the unboxing. 


UPDATE: Here is the unboxing video

The first thing you'll notice is that very thin 5mm edge. The iMac bulges to about 2 inches deep in the center, but unless you're looking at it from the side or top, it has the illusion of being just 5mm thick throughout.

The screen has MUCH less glare. They say up to 75% less, and I believe it. Just look at the side by side shot of it with the 2008 24 inch model. You can see a lot less reflection under similar bright lighting conditions. It is still glass, so there is somewhat of a glare and reflection, but it's much more bearable under most conditions.

Overall the machine is thinner, lighter and more powerful. Like most Apple products, it's very refined, and engineered to be precise in every way. There are no gaps betweem edges or seams. 

The one complaint some people will have is about the lack of an optical drive, but I honestly have not used discs in well over a year. I won't miss it, just like I didn't miss the floppy drive when I originally made the switch to my first iMac in 2002.

I am quite pleased with this machine, despite the very, VERY long wait (it was over 300 days late compared to their average iMac refresh cycle of about 300 days). I almost went with a Mac Mini, and I'm very glad I didn't.